The Realm Beyond Logics

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During Sunday service today, after the announcement was made, and calling for the speaker today, the speaker was gone. People wondered and looked around, but he was not there! I saw his wife during worship, so he most probably gotta be around in church somewhere! In the past, this speaker was always ready in the main sanctuary, so this was very unusual. I thought perhaps he was somewhere else in church, but it turned out that he went home to get something important, so he was a bit late for sermon. We had a person sharing a testimony, it was alright. However, what really shocked me was the moment when the announcer welcomed the speaker and he was not there. Not that this in itself was atypical, but because I saw something very similar last week in my dream.

Last week, I had a dream about this speaker. I don’t recall all the details. But the gist was, in the dream, the speaker was ‘not found.’ People was looking for him, but he was ‘not found.’ After a while of not being able to find him, they went to his wife to try to locate where he is.

It’s just an interesting dream. I’m not exactly sure what it means, but I believe it can point to something prophetic. I am not called to the prophetic office, but God has often used symbols, objects, events, persons, etc. to speak prophetically and symbolically to me.

The Spiritual World, music, dreams, love, and God.. it is the realm beyond earthly logics. It’s the true Fairyland of Reality, the Realm where the God of Love dwells forevermore.


明日是情人節(台灣是今天), 祝大家情人節快樂!

璽恩 (約書亞樂團) – 幸福頻率

國/英 詩歌版 – 主是我的力量


這天情人粉紅超可愛, 哈哈~


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The Interpretation of Dreams and Visions 情人結


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