A Seed Grows

2011/01/06 at 8:58 下午 2 留言

Last night I was in my flu, woke up during midnight, listened to sermons. Towards a half-sleep half-awake state, my spirit heard the sound of a shaker coming from my bedroom closet. After the whole incident was over I knew it was a spiritual sound, simply because there was no one in my closet. The sound continued for a little while, I just knew a spirit was in there making that sound. Then I felt this spirit being, probably a demon, coming onto me and try to oppress me. These “oppressing" incidents have happened to me a few times, but mostly before coming to know Christ. After being saved, they don’t usually happen, and sometimes they would just disappear after I keep uttering the word “Jesus."

I knew there is also a physical phenomenon of a similar kind, called a sleep paralysis, which I could differentiate. When I’m especially very tired, the head may sometimes “wake up" first while the body is still in a “sleep state," so it feels like one could not move the body but awake. In this case, it’s not a spiritual demonic act, but a biological condition.

What’s unique about this time is, I believe, God especially allowed it to happen to me to let me know that a seed does grow. I believe as Christians we could believe and walk in God so these kind of oppressions will not happen, or at least very rare. But in the past, my spirit was not able to move much when it happens, sometimes I would have difficulty moving my spiritual/physical lips to rebuke the spirits. This time, however, I was not afraid at all. I guess this spirit came in a wrong time, prior to that, I was just listening to a sermon of how Jesus defeated Satan and all his cohorts on the cross. This time I could move. I could sense my spirit turning facing upward, and even reaching out my left hand to try to grab the demon. I knew it was my spirit because my body remained in the same position, besides, only spirit can contact spirit. As I tried to grab the demon with my left hand, I didn’t feel anything particular in my hands. With my right hand, I was waving, as if waving an invisible sword at the demon, while speaking the words “Jesus has triumphed" (in Mandarin).  After a very brief time, the oppression was gone. I could feel that my spirit has likely grew stronger due to the recent issues with my health and I was forced to spent more time in meditating the Scriptures.

Faith comes by hearing, hearing by the Word of God (Rom 10:17). Jesus likened the Word of God to spiritual food (Matt 4:4). It is by meditating (speaking out) the Word of God that our spirit man are fed spiritually. As we grow stronger in spirit, we become a better vessel to carry the Lord’s presence and glory to do His works through the indwelling Holy Spirit (Rom 1:9; Eph 1-3).

Jesus compared the Word of God as seeds being sown. It will grow. As we keep giving undivided attention to it in meditation, we will grow, leaving aside all the external temptations and the cares of this world. A seed will finally grow, just like no matter how harsh the winter may seem, spring will still come one day. And the flowers will bloom, bloom beautiful for their Maker, reflecting His beauty and glory.

Holy courage will only come from God. David needs to rise to kill the lions and bears behind the scenes. It’s not time to try to avoid them, but to go after them with the Sword of the Spirit and the Shield of Faith. 2011 is the year for the brave-hearted. For King.


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McKinney, Texas Children of God

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  • 1. juu  |  2011/01/08 at 5:28 上午

    i wonder for those who don’t like reading, how can the Word take dominance in one’s life? =.=
    it can’t be forced in

  • 2. 猴媽 George  |  2011/01/08 at 3:03 下午

    good point, it will be harder for those who don’t usually like to read. But trust God will have a way to help them through time.



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