McKinney, Texas

2011/01/03 at 9:51 下午 1 則迴響

McKinney, Texas

I will always remember that you said how you often (almost always) passed a marvelous opportunity to worry or sick..

I will always remember how you laughed at the enemies

Thank you

This time I’ll also learn to pass this marvelous opportunity

McKinney, Texas

Just a little, little town way back then

Like Surrey, BC

One Papa H., One Mama H., Two Tans.

Thank you


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2011 – A Year of Conflicts: The Young Lions Rise A Seed Grows

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  • 1. 猴媽 George  |  2011/01/03 at 10:36 下午

    I think I know one of the reasons why God prepared me to go through this road, to learn after the exemplar of faith. Cuz everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Mine is.. haha~ So I’ll be more balanced.

    Very soon, hopefully this week, I’ll be able to record this down in my diary. Yes, finally back to keeping a spiritual journal again!



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