May 2010 Update

2010/05/26 at 11:44 上午 發表留言

Just thought to write an update on my alternative military service
application process for prayer.

My draw result is out, I didn’t get in the
foreign affairs unit as expected, so now I’m just classified as a regular
alternative service male, and I’ll pick another unit again when the service begins at the initial training. I’ll know my service start
date in early June (June 5 posted online as I was told). My health exam is
scheduled on June 9, which is the most crucial since the exam result
might alter my service. In the meantime before my service starts (i.e. if I
still need to serve
after the health exam), I am planning either to take some case work or
visit somewhere (or just chill? Ha~!).

So if you can also spent a little time praying
for the whole process and my
health exam, may His Perfect Will be done. Thank you all very much, my sincere

God bless lots with His first love very much as always.


Entry filed under: 猴媽代禱事項.

Better Days 胃掛很大 下禮拜二照胃鏡


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