Cool Girls’ Hairstyle, Make-up, Fashion Tutorial

2010/01/11 at 10:33 上午 發表留言

This gal is good, creative, can teach, and fast..! I became a fan??

Default is very cute (look, voice, use of words, personality), but with make-up and hairstyle, can be sassy and sexy. She is good. Check out the chic ponytail, girl next door look, sassy curls hair, elegant and romantic curls, cute Japanese curls, 2 min cute everyday hairstyle, 2 min spring updo, etc. Very magical.. hmm..

I was first attracted by the BG music, from K-pop, J-pop, W-pop, and I even heard FIR. Haha, ended up being a YouTube addict again, never spent so much time watching a girl doing her hair and make-up in my lifetime.

(BG is FIR’s "Fly Away")

她的聲音整個就是可愛, 快把我融化了吧……… Merry Christmas!

結論是.. 女生太複雜了, 從內心世界到外在妝扮, 也需要太多東西了吧…… 不過弄起來還是蠻可可愛愛的.  Wink

還是睡覺最棒..!!  Sleeping half-moon


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