2010 – The Year of Endings & Beginnings

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The earth is in turmoil as seen in the recent volcanic activities and earthquakes. Indeed, the dream vision of the sinking islands point to a tumultuous year 2010. This is the calm before the storm. A lot of energy is in the air like a tinderbox waiting for the spark. For the believer, it will be a year of visions and endings and beginnings as the changing of the guard gets completed (the old guard giving way to the new guard). In this life, there is no real ending only the new beginning at every ending. The final ending is with Christ’s second coming. Thus we will see the end of some things and the beginning of new things like the changing of the seasons. Some things will end this year (2010) and in its place new things will take root. There may be a period of chaos during the transition but it is all under control by God who permits and foresaw this changes. In a time of change, the most important thing is to stay rooted to fundamentals – word, prayer, worship, etc. For those who have been faithful and waiting on the Lord, this season of change will be the launch of new things. I purposely use the word ‘launch’ rather than new beginnings as there is a preparation and prior beginning before launch – there is a framework already in place before a launch can take place. For those who have already prepared their boat and framework, this year will be the launch of that boat or ship. It is the season to launch into things that have been in the back burner being tested and established but now ready for the limelight.

The passing away of Oral Roberts is especially a prime tell-tale of the changing of guards.

My two recent dream visions seem to confirm this message. The first was a dream where I saw the back of a car with the "N" attached to it being removed, which symbolize the start of something new and official. The second was a flash vision seeing a black coffin being carried away, which symbolize the ending of something bad. These were shown before I read the 2010 New Year message.



Have a great year guys!


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