The Case for the Bible – Part 1 (Youth Service)

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《Christian Apologetics Series》

The Case for the Bible

The Case for the Bible – Part 1 (Youth Service) 1-3

The Case for the Bible – Part 1 (Youth Service) 2-3

The Case for the Bible – Part 1 (Youth Service) 3-3

*Note: I inadvertently said that the earliest biblical book was written 1,500 years ago, but what I meant was 1,500-year is the time-span in which the Bible was written. So since the latest biblical book is written towards the close of the first century, it’s 1,500 years before that, which makes the earliest biblical book around 1,500 B.C. Some scholars date it even earlier, and believe that the Book of Job was written between 1,900 – 1,700 B.C. In any case, these much older dates just make it more amazing of the harmony and continuity of the uniqueness of the Bible.   : )


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唯一的幸福膠囊 那一天我真是打從心底這麼想的


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