The Dream of the Bigger but Uglier

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Last night I had a dream on a few things, but one thing that stood out concerned a person and his state of being in the near future. In the dream, I saw him growing bigger than in real-life, but though he was bigger in size, he became uglier as well.

This was a rather easy part to interpret. The growing bigger symbolized either his growth in status, position, or wealth in the near future. However, as he will have gained more money or earthly recognition, his inner heart and life will become drier and further away from God. Nevertheless, the message of the dream was to continue to pray the prayer of love desiring to see him the best and that one day he will realize that money or a higher positional status on this earth is not the solution to life’s problems and emptiness–it is the void in the heart that only God can fill completely.

After the dream, God prompted me that if I truly loved, love will transcend time, ie no matter how long it will take for a person to change and know the real good and love that is of God, one would still continue to offer the prayer of love that is completely devoid of selfishness but only desire the very best for the person, as wishing that he or she would be the most blessed and happiest person in the world. For this is what Jesus did but only much more than we can imagine. For 2,000 years have come and gone pass by, Jesus’ love is still touching and changing people’s lives today. For thousands upon thousands of years will not stop love from coming forth to touch and change a person’s life, because that is of true love and true love will never ever cease for eternities upon eternities. One day the one becoming uglier will see that he does not need wealth, riches, talents or fame to prove to himself and others his worth and value. This change will be brought about the day when the revelation that he is already the most beautiful in God’s sight dawn upon his heart.

A lot of times we think the past determines the future, but it is not. In the Spiritual World, the future changes the past. Because God is outside of time and God is of love. The realm of God’s kind of love transcends all geography, space, and time dimension. This is not sci-fi or trying to sound grand and mystical. But the day when our eyes are opened to perceive this truth we will be different and see life differently. For in love there is no time, that is why love changes, even changes the past and present. For God is the only One that can change and love is of God (1 John 4:7-8). Love will never die.

"But love will last forever" (1 Cor 13:8 New Living Translation)

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