Total Forgiveness

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Being in this life, especially those in the ministry, will only make
one to become a more bitter or a loving person. Otherwise, he or she
will simply resign reluctantly but surely to a callous, passionless,
and lukewarm life to be of any usefulness to the world and the Kingdom
of God. Human imperfections and sins make offense inevitable in this
life, but God has temporarily allowed them for the purpose of building
our characters, which is what really matters to Him and to eternity.
For character is the only thing that will remain and continue to grow
when this earthly life-mission concludes (physical death). No wealth or
earthly reputation can be carried over to Heaven (Luke 16:19-31), for
these may seem highly important in the eyes of man, but Christlikeness
character is what is important to God. For this transformation and
growth in loving Him and others is the ultimate purpose of whatever the
individual calling is (Mark 12:30-31; Rom 8:29; 2 Cor 3:18).

Hence, being able to forgive is a critically, if not the most,
important key to a true overcoming and transformation of life. It is
not enough to just not desiring revenge or harm on others. The sad
truth is that when one remains in unforgiveness, the person he hurts
the most is himself. He is bound by bitterness, anger, hatred, and an
unproductive and dissatisfied life. All life’s joy and energy are
sucked out of him because of unforgiveness on his part. The only way to
break this cycle is to forgive, and forgive totally. If one truly
desires to be free, and totally free, to be released, totally released;
and if one desires to be free, completely free-spirited, if one desires
to have true joy once again, if one desires to be able to build and
enjoy relationships with God and others once again, the ONLY way is to
forgive, and forgive totally. True forgiveness from God comes when
one’s heart confesses sincerely. There is absolute NO condemnation from
God (Rom 8:1). One also needs to forgive himself. If God, the Authoritative Judge, has declared one to be righteous through the shed
blood of Jesus in His love for you, then one needs to learn to forgive
himself, and forgive totally, inasmuch as God’s forgiveness is total
and complete. Lastly, the person needs to forgive others of whatever
wrong they have done to him. Oftentimes people have thought they have
completely forgiven, but not seeking revenge is only half of total
forgiveness. One needs to bless and seek good and benevolence to the
persons who have wronged him. In this is Jesus’ command to love our
enemies (Matt 5:44). It does not mean to endorse the wrong deeds
committed by the offenders, just as God loves the sinners but not the
sins in themselves. In the redemptive work of Jesus, we are now able to
separate the sinner from the sin. Jesus did not condone sin, but He
loved ALL sinners to the point of death of His own life on the Cross.
Not only the death, but His whole life was lived for sinners.

Total forgiveness obviously is humanly impossible, but with God,
nothing is impossible (Matt 19:26). Those who are well have no need of
a physician, but those who are sick; but Jesus desires mercy and not
[external or religious] sacrifice, for He did not come to call the
righteous, but sinners, to repentance (Matt 9:12-13). It is possible
through the grace of God and a yielded tender heart. It will not be
instant or quick; it may even take a long time. It is a daily infilling
of His love. if one continues to focus on the hurt, offense, or
offenders, he will never break free from the cycle. Instead, the person
needs to focus on the good to overcome the evil (Rom 12:21). One will
not progress by opposing the wrong. Instead, it is the fixing of our
hearts and minds on the good — "whatever things are true, whatever
things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure,
whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if
there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on
these things" (Phil 4:8). We can only extend forgiveness when we’ve
internalized how we’ve been forgiven completely and live in that
reality (Matt 6:12–the Lord’s Prayer). We can only give love when
we’ve experienced love ourselves (1 John 4:19). The more love we
receive, the more we are able to give. If anytime one feels guilt or
condemnation, it is not of God (1 John 4:18). Total forgiveness does
not imply a denial of what happened, or the affirmation of the wrong
deeds, but it is a true release. The fruit of total forgiveness will be
a heart that can sincerely and fully bless the offenders that they will
have the best in life. Total forgiveness will be evidenced by a life of
genuine joy, growth, and strength.

It is not easy, and intense human emotions will oftentimes
accompany the forgiving process. In the beginning, it will take an
almost daily seeking of God’s grace, but be assured that ultimately
there are no wounds too deep that God cannot heal. He is the Great
Physician. Do not worry if the feelings seem to come back from time to
time or not be able to make progress, just keep enjoying and focusing
on God and the good. It is also necessary to release the hurts by
talking about them and have a good cry sometimes. Tuning to the good
does not mean a deliberate suppression of hurts. Express and talk about
the experiences to God and the right people. But one must remember to
move out of that stage and to begin to focus on the divinely positive.
A life of love and true joy awaits you. You can have the freedom that
you have longed for all your life–the key is to forgive, and forgive
totally. Do not focus on the wrongs, but on the pure love of God. If
you think you will never be able to forgive, God still loves you the
same. His love is there waiting for you, always 24/7. His love is not
conditioned to our functions but who we are–His beloved children,
friends, and lovers. Be immersed in this love in our hearts and minds
everyday. There is no fear in love. Gradually, before you know it, this
love will so overfill you, that you will be able to
supernaturally-naturally bless and love others, even those that caused
the hurts in the first place. It will be a sincere prayer and life of
love that you will wish in utmost sincerity to see the best, and the
very best, for those people (which ultimately is a Christlike
character), because there is no longer bitterness but love, the pure
love of Jesus Christ. This Christlikeness is what you will carry
throughout eternities upon eternities because you not only have it but
it has become a part of you. And the pure in heart shall see God
because one is in the same love-dimension of God to be able to see Him
(although there are various forms of "seeing" God, not necessarily limited to visions). One can never cast out "darkness," but when one
allows light to shine in, darkness disappears. One can never cast out
"fear," but when perfect love comes, it will drive away fear without deliberately opposing it (1 John 4:18).

Your Father God loves you this day and always, the fullness of love, freedom, and joy awaits you.

Let love in.

if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed
away; behold, all things have become new" (2 Cor 5:17)

= )


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