Virgin or Koodo?

2008/08/25 at 3:35 上午 3 留言

Any thoughts appreciated.
Has anyone used either mobile service before? Things like signal strength (quality is important to me), Koodo’s non-contract Vs. the regular contract from Virgin but without the monthly fees. Other than this, their deal packages seem to be on par. Koodo has per-second billing, Virgin has more plan options with more phones to choose from.
I’m not a heavy cell phone user, but would need it for convenient chatting/contacting, emergency, and safety reasons.
I am still considering Pay n’ Talk option too.
Koodo Mobile:
Virgin Mobile:
Thanks a bunch!! =)

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  • 1. Unknown  |  2008/08/26 at 1:44 上午

    Funny, you should ask, I was faced with the same dilemma about a month ago. After talking to people and checking out some of the details Koodo seemed like a better bet. I haven’t been disappointed so far. Everything works great. It was much easier to understand than trying to figure out all the options on Virgin.  I also found some of Virgin’s claims deceiving. It never bodes well went people want to trick me.  Good luck!

  • 2. Maninder  |  2008/08/26 at 1:15 下午

    I’d suggest Koodo. There aren’t that many plans but you can mix and match. I took the basic $20/mth plan but than added incoming calls, 5pm EW, and Caller ID, VM and txt…. all told it’s $50/mth and i don’t go over. I might add 5 essentials next month when i go back to school, so $60/mth and i basically have unlimited calling, it works pretty well….

  • 3. George  |  2008/08/27 at 3:59 上午

    Hello,Thank you guys for the input and thought.= )



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