A Vision of the Father’s Heart (小情歌 & Forever Love)

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A Vision of the Father’s Heart (小情歌–A Little Serenade & Forever Love)
A vision from a few nights before from the heart of the Father God.

I saw this older friend of mine, he’s such a nice person. I don’t blame the previous spiritual generation. Quite a number of them are very well-intentioned. And it’s totally understandable that they could only pay for one more, which is already kind. If they’re to pay for the second one, it would mean they would go hungry themselves since they’re not very rich. Their generation was not a choice I could make and I appreciate some of them giving to the Lord considerably already.

I might be late for my maiden flight as the chief pilot because of this, so it may well be not only my first flight but last in my lifetime, if I make it in time. But it’s ok. I only have an hour and half left, so I don’t think I’ll make it. What about the people? The people on the plane will always have a back-up pilot, so to them I’m not that important in this regard. But I knew what God was telling me clearly. I understood. I, now too, have a choice to make, and this will affect the next generation. I cannot make someone to a role but I can become a role myself. I may never have received but I can give to the next and even back to them. This is now my choice and my generation. It’s easy to comment on other people, but when it’s my turn, when push comes to shove, when the pressure and spotlight are on you, what choice will I make?

People in this generation can still be different despite of what happened in the previous spiritual dynasty, is what the Spirit of the Lord says. So then, when it’s time for me to pay for the next pilot some bread money, they will have their turn to fly and soar high, and I’m perfectly aware how much I’ll pay then. And I can also let them know that I probably never made it to be a pilot because of my maiden flight, but God is watching. I can be different, don’t just fly for yourself or when it’s convenient.

You may know whatever place we’re in is in God’s predestination because of the things we have no control over (assuming we’re walking in His Perfect Will in a certain level). You may know this is the growth path and that God is testing our hearts and that He is watching all the time. But the day you no longer want to pass the test just for the sake of passing the test itself, and that you no longer live and act just because He is watching, you’ve began to understand the depth of God. He is watching, alright. But even when He says He’s not looking and it doesn’t move us, we’ve truly known the heart of the Father and Jesus Christ. And yes, He’s always watching of course, to see who on this earth knows what the real test is. It’s not a spiritual secret as many tried to make it sound so strangely mysterious. It’s all laid out plainly in the life of Christ and what He has done so openly as recorded in the Bible for all to see and read. Did He come to perform and stun the world of how great He is, or share revelations to try to impress the mass? Or did He die on the cross for those who hate Him and use Him and for all the world?

For love, my friend. God’s kind of love is the pathway to genuine Christlikeness.

This is the message of the vision given a few nights ago.

"For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain" (Phil 1:21).

I knew what God was calling me to in this vision and in my life. From a very, very young age, even before I came to know the Lord, I somehow sensed deep in my spirit that if there’s only one person out of thousands upon thousands that needs to fulfill this one role, it would be me. It’s no coincidence, it is what God has chosen and what I’ve agreed even before the foundation of the earth–the mission I accepted from Him. So I died completely as there is absolutely no other way.

But this I want God to know without a shadow of a doubt. I don’t regret one bit and since I’m gonna fulfill this call, I’m not gonna do it grudgingly in unthinkable pain. I will do it 100% cheerfully and willingly no matter what. I don’t do one thing just because You are watching and I want a reward. I will do it with the biggest smile You have ever seen in my life.

All because I love You, and that’s the only because You’ll ever find.

Since You are all-knowing, You know what’s true of my heart. When You see my tears, You’ll also see my smile. It’s my most precious gift for You Father.

I want You to know,

George will always be a little serenade for Thee.

Forever Love,

Your Little Serenade








屬靈上的, 家庭上的, 服事上的, 人情上的, 身體上的, 學業工作前途上的. 不管是在溫哥華, 在台灣, 或在世界哪個角落的你, 不管是男女老少的你, 我只想告訴你們, 讓我們一起走過. 猴媽會永遠在那, 永遠支持, 給你們一個最真心的微笑, 最誠心的祈禱. 風暴總有一天會過去的, 風暴打不倒我們的, 因為有天父和祂永不改變的話. 剩下的, 只有感恩, 都是對祂及人的生命愛戀和情曲. 獻給每一個你們. 沒有一個好處不會不給你.

耶穌愛你, 曙光之源頭, 總在那裡照耀, 等待, 溫暖你的心.




Forever Love


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小情歌 不想懂得 (公主小妹片尾曲)


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