Blue Sky and White Clouds

2007/05/25 at 6:44 上午 發表留言

I took a walk in the nearby park in the evening. The sky was so blue, so clear, and so nice and mellow. The dusk has always been my fav. On the way to the familiar green pasture, I saw a cat with a collar, it’s gotta be someone’s pet. But he seemed to be lost. He tried to hide as he saw me, scared. When I attempted to approach him slowly, he quickly ran away. If he was lost, where was he going? I thought that was me, many many years ago. Not long after, I spotted another cat, unexpectedly. He was comfortably sitting on a window sill high up, gazing into the beautiful sky, enchanted. How nice, I thought, and I felt that was me. I too, captivated by the sky, and two cats, but they were really one. And the cat has got a home now.

I walked two laps at the park, listening to my baby iPod Little White. The playlist was the Love Songs series. After that, I rested at a bench, relaxed, lifted up my eyes to above. The sky was just so soft and gentle, it seemed to be beaming at me. Somehow I knew deep in my heart, it was.

As I got up to leave, I heard some noise, saw something rushing in. A dad drove a big toy jeep, cruising along wildly by the park with his son tucked in, snuggled in the bosom of his papa. I looked at the face of the dad, then the son, there was no way that they could hide their laughter and fun, even if they wanted to try.

I was touched… and Little White began to sing that song, "It Must be You."

I felt happy, I felt real, I felt joyful and peaceful, bewildered in the most romantic way. At that moment, I thought I had a glimpse of the Heavenly Garden, no human vocabularies could ever describe her beauty.

It just dawned on me time and time again: the most profound truth in life but understood by the simple in heart.

I am home Father. There will be no feeling better than this.

"’For this my son was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’ And they began to be merry. " (Luke 15:24)


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