Chronicle of Tears 2 (Friends)

2007/04/13 at 6:05 上午 2 留言

John 15:13 "Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends."

I want them to have lots of friends

Friends who will really care for them

Who will really listen

I want every one of them happy

I want this to be done

I know He is the Friend

Feeling one drop of sorrow in His heart

I am completely undone

Still I cry, because I might not see it on their faces or hear it with my ears

But I have entered into their hearts

It’s so much more than a look

It’s love calling for an experience

That we will never be able to forget for eternity

We will never be the same

It’s our most intimate Friend

He is not just the King of kings and Lord of lords

But also the Friend of friends

The Lover of lovers

The Bridegroom’s calling for His Bride

Would You?

Would You teach me to love them as You do?

Would You teach me to be their friend as You do?

Would You teach me to feel for them and shed these tears for them?

They are not just "people"

They are Jesus’ friends and my friends

Friends, with tears trickling down our faces

We love you

We love you not for what you have or can do

We love you for who you are

We love you because you are so dear and precious to us

We would lay down our lives for you, for real

No regrets

We would take the tears of the world upon us

Somehow I know

Our tears of pain will become their tears of joy

For that

I live

For love

I cry


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Chronicle of Tears 1 (Easter) Chronicle of Tears and Joy 3 (Pesach–Jewish Passover)

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  • 1. Benson  |  2007/04/14 at 12:23 上午

    George, 你在MSN Blog上面寫的這些文摘、歌曲、小品、講義、註釋、激勵人心的話、感人肺腑的詩篇都有好好地保存吧?不久的將來你可以考慮將這些編輯成書出版,造福世界上千千萬萬人的靈魂!^_^

  • 2. George  |  2007/04/15 at 9:50 下午

    一些生命感言記錄起來而已啦, 謝謝你的鼓勵!
    中信的演講還不錯嗎? 祝新工作越來越順利哦. 老闆如果對你不好, 我找弟兄去, 啊哈哈~ 我是說找弟兄去為他禱告~~~~



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