Chronicle of Tears 1 (Easter)

2007/04/09 at 6:45 上午 發表留言

My Father has started this
The strong emotions to cry
I know it’s not me, yet it’s me
Because of the oneness, now I can’t tell
Just wanna cry
For love’s sake
Just seeing her face makes me wanna cry
I don’t know why it is especially her that makes my tears flow so easily
I don’t understand it, I don’t comprehend it fully
I can’t help it
But I feel it deep inside my heart
My Father is teaching me to see beyond the looks and words
When I sense it (everyday and moment), it hurts so much
Because it’s so real and so true
I cannot fake it
My Father’s heart for her
For all His beloved children and creation
I wanted to write this down
My chronicle of tears
For torn-apart lives, for wounded souls
It comes to a point that if I could exchange everything and my life
To make it better, to make it bright and sunny again
I would, I will
I think it no coincidence that today is Easter
Yes, I would, to give up even life
That’s why Jesus died for me, for her
And for everyone
Just to see one smile is enough
It is enough
It is worth it
It is worth my God’s life
And much more than my own
I heard my Father’s heart
My Father’s tears
Has become my tears
These tears will truly make one happy
Love is the only reason
I sensed it again
I am going to cry again tonight

Entry filed under: 日誌札記.

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