2006十月代禱事項 (中/英)

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Prayer Request for Health:
There are currently three major body conditions that bother me the most:
1. A sharp pain in the depth of my right hip, and this pain stretches up to my right back all the way up to shoulder-high, but the most painful area is at the inner area of my right hip. This pain is there all the time, sometimes more painful, sometimes less, depending on how I sit, what I sit on, and other factors unknown now. This problem causes me to have pain whenever I sit, ie when I sit, the pain will start to increase until it becomes so excrutiating that I’ll have to stand up to let it relieve very slowly. I have seen many doctors, they don’t exactly know the nature this problem; they suspect it’s a neuro pain. Right now a medication called Lyrica, for treating neuro pains, can relieve my pain a bit, but I’ve been taken it for over a month, it seems that it’s not curing the root problem but just provide a temp relief. And another thing is I don’t have this pain when I stand or walk, but I could feel something "wrong," or something "twisted" in my right hip area all the way up to my right back (a line). This pain sometimes makes me hard to sleep, I cannot lie on my right side. Also sometimes when it’s very painful during daytime, I will not be able to do anything for a while, until the pain subsides gradually. There are certain postures that will cause this pain to aggravate, such as sitting with my legs crossed.
Right now my family doctor is referring me to see a neurology specialist, don’t know how long it will take to see the specialist, maybe sometime between one month to three months, or longer.
About 9 or 10 years ago, I had a ski accident that caused my left leg and hip to have some sort of problem, maybe a sciatic problem. The condition is whenever I bent down, there will be a very tight pull on my left thigh area (I think hamstring). This doesn’t bother me as much as the right hip pain, comparatively, but I think it has caused my hip to lose balance and probably contributed my right hip problem. So sometimes I cannot lie on my left side to sleep too. When I had this problem back then, I had some kind of pain in my right hip area too, but it was much less severe than what I’m experiencing now.
I have seen chiropractors and physiotherapists, so far, these type of treatments don’t seem to help much.This pain started in May 2006.
Now taking the med helps to relieve the pain a bit and I could sit longer, and therefore could do some work. I am trusting God to heal, and to give me wisdom to cope with it while I still have this obnoxious pain.
2. A stomach acid reflux problem (GERD), will cause my esophagus and throat to have pain. In 2004 and part of 2005, I was not able to speak much, and had pain in my esophagus area 24/7. After seeing gastroenterologists (stomach/intestine specialists) both here and in Taiwan, had endoscopies, they told me to take double dosage of a drug that treats GERD, it helped and I am now able to speak much more. However, there’s still a sour taste in my mouth 24/7, sometimes more acute, sometimes more mild. Thus my speaking capacity is decreased, ie if I speak "too much," I will have pain in my throat/esophagus area since the stomach acids are still refluxing upward a bit.
Now with the double dosage of meds, this problem is controlled to a certain extent. But the sour taste in my mouth is still very annoying, and also not being able to speak and sing as much is troublesome too. One other thing I’m thinking is that if the stomach acids keeps refluxing through my throat/esophagus, though in small amount, in long term, maybe they will have some kind of chemical reactions with the lining cells of my esophagus, and this may cause some further problem in the long run; I know cancer of the esophagus is formed this way. So a surgery that can prevent the acids from coming up might be an option that I’m thinking recently.
3. Overuse of my shanks, tendon/muscle inflammation so I cannot stand, and walk for very long. Started in August 2006. Now with rest, it is recovering, but at a very, very slow rate. And anti-inflammatory meds didn’t work, so the doctor said I just need to let it heal naturally by rest.
These three body conditions all bother me very much, the right hip pain bothers the most, then the stomach problem, then the shank inflammation (And the medications are not cheap too).
It has not been an easy time for me, but I am trusting God to come through for me strong. Thank you all very very much for your prayers and encouragement. I appreciate all of it.
Other Prayer Requests:
– Studies in two Bible schools, need better time management, and able to practice what I’ve learned.
– I’m leading a small group and teaching an ESL class right now in church. Please pray that God’s presence would be with us and transform us… everyone’s just so cute!
1. 右臀部深處的疼痛,會一直延伸上去到右側上背,差不多快到肩膀的高度,但是最痛的地方是右臀的裡面。這些部位24/7都會感覺不舒服,有的時候會很痛,有的時候就比較不痛,跟我如何坐及坐多久有關,也可能跟其他目前還不曉得的因素有關聯。這個問題最主要是我坐下的時候會開始痛,就是當我坐下時會開始不舒服,然後坐越久右臀那裡就會漸漸更痛。有的時候太痛就要站起來或跪著,然後疼痛才會很慢的漸漸好一點。看了很多醫生,大部分不是很確定是什麼毛病,有懷疑是神經痛的毛病。我現在有在吃一種藥叫Lyrica,是一種可以止神經痛的藥。吃了藥後會比較不痛,但有時還是會很痛,而且那個24小時不舒服的感覺還是會在,像是身體右半邊被扭曲。現在吃了這個藥大概一個月多一點,感覺比較像是止痛,而對疼痛的起因好像沒有治療到。還有就是我站著或走路時並不會痛,只是能感覺到這些部位感覺被拉緊。有的時候這個痛會讓我痛到久久無法入睡,我也沒辦法靠右側睡。白天最痛的情況發生的時候,也是會痛到沒辦法做事,只能動一動或躺下直到慢慢的比較不痛為止。有一些姿勢做了也會讓加重右臀那的疼痛,像是盤腿坐著等。
2. 胃食道逆流(GERD),逆流的胃酸會讓我的食道和喉嚨疼痛。在2004年到2005年,因為疼痛的緣故不太能講話,喉嚨食道24/7都很痛。後來去看了腸胃專科醫生也在台灣和加拿大照了兩次胃鏡,我現在在吃治胃酸的藥,是一般有胃酸問題人吃的兩倍,現在都每天還在吃。雖然這之後就比較可以講話了,但我嘴裡還是24/7都會有酸酸的味道,有時感覺比較多,有時比較少。所以現在雖然能講話,但因為胃酸還是會少許逆流,還會接觸到食道喉嚨,所以不能講太多話,不然那裡就會疼痛,等於現在能講的話的量大概是以前的一半。
3. 小腿過度使用,現在有小腿筋和肌肉嚴重發炎,所以不能站立、行走太久(當然就不能跑步或做運動),這個情形是從2006八月開始的。藉著休息,是有慢慢在好起來,只是恢復的速度真的是非常非常的緩慢。消炎藥沒作用,醫生說就只能讓他休息自然的恢復健壯。
● 目前在兩間聖經學校的學習,時間的管理上需要加強,能應用到學習的。啊哈哈… 不能太混…
● 在教會的服事:帶一個小組,還有教ESL的課,大家都好可愛。我們需要神大大的同在,更深的渴慕、經歷祂的大愛改變更新我們。
備註:最近才發現,我的長假剛好是四十個月。從2003五月到2006九月,有四十一個月,但經過一番禱告和思考後,覺得其實應該是四十個月。到2006年八月就結束,我自己給他多拖了一個月,就像以色列人正常兩年內就可以進入迦南地,但他們惹事生非四十年後才進去。Vision八月就開始申請了,然後九月也剛好是一般學校開學的月份,剛好也是我屬靈歷程進入下一階段的學習,我的Orange Days,是我屬靈大學的日子,開學應該在九月(所以在神的日曆裡,我的長假八月就結束了)。然後OD是在以色列人的贖罪日(Day of Atonement)開始的,是在舊約裡預表耶穌成為神羔羊為世人贖罪的十字架犧牲。以後應該會更清楚這個對我橙色歲月的涵義。
真是痛苦啊… … … 雖然現在身體也是還有很多問題,但最難受的真的是長假那段日子…

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