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Artist: Hillsong
Album: United – To The Ends Of The Earth
Would you believe me if i said…
That we are the ones who can make the change
in the world today….
Would you believe me if i said
that all of the dreams in your heart
can come true……
would you believe me if i said…
that life could be all that you want it to be …today…
and if i had wings i would fly
’cause all that i need You are
and if the world caved in around me
to You i’d still hold on
’cause Your all that i believe
and the one that created me
Jesus…. because of You i’m Free
Would you belive me if i said…
that God can make miracles happen today..
would you believe me if i said….
that you don’t need to wait for the answer before…
you step out in faith

would you believe me if i said…
that nothin is ever impossible.. for God
Just live you life with God inside…
you won’r regret one moment of it

and give all that you can for God. for God

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