The Lion of Judah Roars

2006/02/28 at 6:54 上午 發表留言

This morning before I got up, in the state between half-awake and sleep, ie semi-consciousness, I heard my spirit man repeating the phrase "in the name of Jesus," and also "praise the name of Jesus." I know I did not speak with my physical voice, because I didn’t actually open my mouth and speak. During that state, I could sense I was facing some enemy force in a spiritual battle, and that was why I was saying those words. However the atmosphere and the tone of my spirit man’s voice were very faith-filled, calm and firm, facing the presence of the enemies in a courageous and valiant manner. It felt like as if facing Death itself eyeball to eyeball with no fear at all, and if I perish, there would still be no room for fear.
Lastly, I heard something like the phrase "Lion of Judah," and I could see with my spiritual eyes a clear silhouette of a Lion’s face.
Then I heard the Lion roared, the thunderous loud cry pierced through the spirit realm, similar to the roar of Aslan in the Chronicles of Narnia. He was the reason behind all the bravery. Then I was fully awakened by the roar.
Praise be to the Lion of Judah, Who was, Who is, and Who is to come.

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