2006 – The Year of Paradigm shifts

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(猴媽註:今早起來時,因身體的緣故精神有些低落,往外一看,太陽先生竟然高高綻放耶,因為已經連續下了好久的雨,聽我姊說好像快趕上溫哥華歷史上連續下最久雨的記錄,那還是一九五零年代什麼的。後來在網上,發現了這篇最新的文章,神也用了它來鼓勵我。神新的工作模式已來到,一定要好好抓住哦,別對自己犯的錯感到灰心沮喪,因為耶穌就是為此而來的,祂的恩典大過我們所有的軟弱…  祂愛你愛你唷!)



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2006 – The Year of Paradigm shifts


We have entered into a new year of which there is a paradigm shift. Every New Year changes take place but the year 2006 is not just changes that take place but the ushering in of a new era – a new decade.


Paradigm shifts are present in the Bible. The following are some paradigm shifts in the Bible:


Genesis 12 – when God started His work in Abraham to call out a people to reveal His laws.

Genesis 46 – the descendents of Abraham settled in Egypt fulfilling a prophecy he received in Gen 15:13.

Exodus 20 – the revelation of the law and the Levitical priesthood.

Joshua 5 – the crossing of the Jordan and the cessation of the manna.

1 Samuel 3 – the beginning of the prophetic period.

2 Samuel 5 – the beginning of the kingdom of Israel under David.

2 Chronicles 36 – the fall of Jerusalem and the beginning of the Exile.

Matthew 1 – the birth of Jesus heralds the gospel dispensation.

Acts 1 – the church age begins with the ascension of Jesus and the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Revelations 11-19 – the end of the time of the Gentiles and the last of the last days begins.


In some paradigm shifts, it takes place in one day and overnight, example in one night the Babylonian empire ended and the power shifted to the Medo-Persian empire as prophesied by Daniel (Dan 5:30,31; 2:39). In other cases, there are several steps that lead to a major change, example before Abraham’s descendants settled in Egypt, Joseph was sold to Egypt and rose to power followed by a famine which compelled the Hebrews to take shelter in Egypt after the second visit of Joseph’s brother to Egypt for food (time between first and second visit was two years).



There is a common theme in all paradigm shifts:


1. God manifests and works differently within each paradigm shift. The manna ceased and the Israelites in the promise land under Joshua have to eat the fruit of the land (Joshua 5).


2. Each successive shift was dependent on the fulfilment of the commands given in the previous paradigm. It was only when the second generation was circumcised (fulfilling the law) that God moved from providing manna to providing fruitfulness in the promise land. The obedience and success of Joseph was necessary for the open door for the Hebrews to settle in Egypt.


3. Many times it involves a physical geographic shift of God’s people. Abraham moved out of Ur. Jacob moving into Egypt. Moses taking the Israelites out of Egypt. Joshua possessing the land of Canaan. David re-establishing his reign in Hebron then Jerusalem. In the shift from the Hebrew majority church to the Gentile majority church in the book of Acts, there was a clear shift of the influence of the church from Jerusalem to Antioch in Acts 13.


4. Many times it also involves key figures anointed by God. Note that with each paradigm shift, there was usually a vessel with a specific anointing for that particular period – Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Samuel, David, etc. – each different but serving the same God. Those who lined up with the right leaders got into the 「flow」 but those who did not were left out. Many who should have followed David followed Saul and Ishbosheth and like Abner died needlessly. Others who like the tribe of Issachar knew the times and seasons followed David (1 Chron. 12:32).


5. God in His mercy have always given pre-warnings of important paradigm shifts. Abraham was told about his descendants entering into Egypt. Noah warned his generation. John the Baptist prepared his generation for the coming of Jesus.


If a massive physical earthquake (followed with a tsunami) affects major portions of the planet, it would affect the physical lives of all those caught in the affected zones. In the year 2005, we saw many major disasters affecting entire cities with the sad consequences still being felt in the present by the victims. And if the things which are visible are made from things invisible (Hebrews 11:3), imagine what the spiritual earthquake, spiritual tsunamis, or spiritual hurricanes were like that had its counterpart in the natural realm in 2005. The thing about the spiritual realm is that sometimes the full effects are not felt until later by the physical realm. The tidal waves of shakings, rumblings and spiritual turmoils in the spiritual plane that took placed in 2005 will be felt fully in this year of paradigm shift.


In the natural arena, we will see great political turmoils with world leaders disappearing from the scene and suddenly replaced with new ones. In the church arena, we will see old leaders going off the scene and new ones arise. Some who have been waiting and serving faithfully in the ranks will be promoted by God with new anointings. There will also be great geographical displacements of God’s people as they try to find the new spiritual centre of gravity. Every paradigm shift involves a shift in the centre of gravity both spiritually and also in the natural. The old manifestations will no longer work. The 「manna」 will cease and it is time to eat the fruit of the land.


What should one do to prepare oneself?


1. Let God circumcise your heart and mind as a fresh new generation.


2. Let go of the old and yield to the new method, the new anointing, the new wine that God is releasing this year.


3. Be prepared to move physically or spiritually (into something different) if God tells you to do so.


4. Do not neglect the foundational principles like prayer, meditation on the Word, etc. as these remain unshakable foundations while all is changing around you.


5. Open your spiritual ears to hear the fresh call of His Spirit in this new paradigm.


Paradigm shifts have always involved a shift in methodology, a shift in theological emphasis, a shift in Holy Spirit manifestation but a firm immovable foundation upon the Word of God which contains principles which never change. It indicates the removable of those things which are being shaken, as of things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain (Hebrews 12:27).


Looking forward in the Year 2006


Special things this year in 2006


— 400th anniversary of declaration of Australia as Southland of the Holy Spirit
— 100th year anniversary of Azusa street revival.

Common words used in paradigm shifts



Extent of effects









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