Into You

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Into You

vocal: Natalie
lyrics/composer: CAGNET

If I had you now
I would hold you tight
In the middle of the night
It would be so right
I would pray for you
Anything you want me to
I believe in love
We’d be together somehow

I’ve found a love so true
You turn my gray skies blue
With you I feel brand new

All I do is think of you
Nobody else will do
You know you’re the only one
So let’s have some fun
I’m so into you
Every little thing you do
You still make my day
In every way

You’ll never have to worry
You can depend on me
I’ll love you endlessly – yeah

*However we spent our days
Laughing in the sun
You will always be
The only one for me
I’ll wipe away all your tears
Push away all your fears
Whenever the day will come
Forever and ever

I’ll give you all my love
You’re everything I need
You’re the air I breathe yeah


I loved you from the start
I would never break your heart
Any fool could see
You mean the world to me
Waited for you all my life
Happiness can now be mine
I thought that love was gone
Now you’re here with me

You’ll never have to worry
You can depend on me
I’ll love you endlessly – yeah

*repeat x 2





Entry filed under: 歌詞和特獻.

讚美歸給祂 Any Fool Could See


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