Smeagle’s Fish Song

2005/12/10 at 5:45 上午 發表留言

Cool God talking to us…
A while ago, I dreamed of seeing my pastor’s new house, I only saw the garage, huge!
I understood what the meaning of that dream was
And the next Sunday, my pastor asked me to drive him home, the very first time!
Not coincidence
Then a few days later, I read some info on rotten fruit, that night or the next
I dreamed of someone I know doing stuff with a rotten fruit
I understood theh message of that dream
Not coincidence
Today I kept thinking about Smeagle (Lord of the Rings) and the little cute song that
he sings in the Forbidden Pool, and trying to knock out the fish so he can eat it fresh
tonight after 1.5 hours of tennis, my mom said lets have this for dinner,
guess what we had: sashimi
Not coincidence
Here is the lyrics of that pretty little tune, "we calls it the fisheses hymn, one of Smeagle’s hymnses" (his grammer is cool and funky, ok?)

Smeagle’s Fish Song
(with Smeagle’s own voice)
The rock and pool
is nice and cool
so juicy sweet
Our only wish
to catch a fish
so juicy sweet

I think sashimis are ok, but I don’t find it as tasty as many ppl feel… or yet…
but that tune is surely being played all day long inside my head
so when I bit those pieces of nice looking sashimis
I looked at them, wow, nice big smooth
my head goes (so juicy sweet)
the next piece (so juicy sweet)
but my taste buds complain (it is not that sweet to us)
finished dinner, my head continues (so juicy sweet)
and it’s Smeagle’s voice, not my own (so juicy sweet)
after I got home (so juicy sweet)
so I just had to find out the whole lyrics on the Internet
so I did (so juicy sweet)
that’s how I knew the whole lyrics (so juicy sweet)
and I sang it to my sis (so juicy sweet, and the whole thing)
and tomorrow we’ll have fried fish (so juicy sweet)
and now I’m writing these down-to-(middle)-earth stuff
guess what melody is jumping hoping swirling around inside my small head
(so juicy sweet)
gotta love Smeagle…
(so juicy sweet)
"Master mockses at us, at poor Smeagle!"
now I think I really have my grammer screwed… and head…

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